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Surge (Ryvok) is an innovative fitness program for building an athletic body in 60 days.

Working team:

  • manager,
  • art director,
  • copywriter,
  • designer,
  • type designer,
  • technical designer

The most popular fitness program in the country rises to a new level (by the way, we have alsodeveloped a name for it). It leads to a complete transformation of the brand.


– Create a new brand logo
– Develop a design concept and a name for membership cards, informational booklets and a book on nutrition
– Do it in the best possible way!


A new logo, as the leading element of a refreshed brand identity, is designed using a modern, trending dynamics. A previous tagline fitness program is replaced with an emotional and personalized your fitness action:

– Before –
– After –

In addition to the basic logotype, the identity includes other variations that can be useful for all intents and purposes that can happen.

Logo with fewer details, middle size

An updated Surge includes three programs: a classic Surge program, an innovative Surge-Beat and a Surge-Teens plan for kids. They already had their graphic symbols, so we have adjusted them for usage with a new brand logo.

Identity elements:

A membership card is available in two variations: a basic version and a card for loyal customers who previously reached the final of the program. We call it lifestyle membership. Each card comes in a fancy envelope:


Another important task is creating a name, content and design for a motivational booklet. Surge customers can use it to note and track all the changes that happen to their bodies during the program. What is more, it should inspire people!

As a result, You Are An Achiever booklet comes to life. Fields for making notes neighbour with motivational quotes:

click = flip :)
click = flip :)

We have also developed a name and cover design for materials intended for planning and monitoring nutrition during the program:


Another source of our pride is a title and a cover of the book about nutrition written by Surge program’s author Maxim Yaroshenko:


All the materials are presented to a Surge customer in a stylish paper bag:


BTW, we have also developedthe best website for fitness internet community.